How Do We Effectively Measure Knowledge of Word Meaning in the Primary Grades

“Andrew Biemiller (2004) believes that the inability to readily assess vocabulary growth has been a major reason for lack of attention to vocabulary in the primary grades” (Diamond & Gutlohn, 2006, p. 31). Hence, we use running records and other informal reading inventories while assessing our students present levels in

Episode 12: Don’t Take Word Knowledge for Granted

We can’t assume that students know how to break a multisyllabic word into a prefix, a suffix, and a root. As words become more complex, knowledge of roots becomes more essential for students. “Words, like stories, have structure. …Like the parts of a story, the parts of a word also

Episode 3: Conscious Control Over Language

“The development of conscious control over language use and the ability to negotiate the social and academic language of schooling are particularly important for students who do not generally fare well in schools” (Scott, et. al.; 2008, p. 9). In this episode, students will tell you what the teacher can

Episode 2: Just Ask the Students

Hear from two fifth grade girls on how they react to sophisticated words.

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