October 2018

Teaching Students about the Schwa

In their introduction to the 2015, Perspectives on Language and Literacy Journal, Berg and Buckerfield introduced the issue with, Vocabulary Research Meets the Classroom. They stated, “the examination of how to effectively teach vocabulary so that our students are equipped with the word knowledge necessary, not to simply survive, but to

Episode 26: Unlocking Text with Morphological Study

As I set up my classroom for word study, I consulted the Growing Words: Word Part Instruction Guide.  Before I introduced the Word Part of the Week, I wanted to introduce Latin and Greek Roots to my students in a creative way.  I started looking online for materials that would set

Episode 25: Teaching Students about Compound Words

In a previous post, I wrote about encouraging students to look inside of words for spelling patterns. In this week’s post, I am directing students to look inside of words again, but this time we are focusing on smaller words, words that are considered Anglo-Saxon base words. I then explain

Episode 24: Looking Inside of Words

The more I build a word conscious classroom, the more I am committed to word study. Scott, Skobel, and Wells (2008) argued that words are the lifeblood of literacy. Hence, word study should be central to all literacy instruction. Included in word study is spelling, decoding (word calling), and word

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