Episode 10: Word Meaning Assessment

What does it mean to know a word? Given that words are multifaceted in nature, how do we ensure that students can savor the richness of individual words? In a word conscious classroom, we can not take our students’ knowledge of words for granted. Many of the formative assessments don’t measure vocabulary knowledge specifically. In my quest for specific informal word meaning tests, I came across some paper based assessments and an online assessment. I decided to administer the paper and pencil assessments to a few students. The first one that I administered was the Davidson-Bruce Word Meaning Test (WMT) It was administered to one of my fourth grade students. The second paper and pencil assessment was The Edward Fry Word Meaning Test. I administered that one to five of my grade five students. The results from both assessments were complementary and informative.

In this podcast episode, you will hear me administering one of the word meaning assessments to my grade four students.


Rasinski, T. V. (2011). Greek & Latin roots: Keys to building vocabulary. Huntington Beach, CA: Shell Education.

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